Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sacred Romance

Every poison in the world is but a nectar for maturity and wisdom. Real faith is strengthened though experiences that could otherwise turn us bitter. Only on the anvil of unresolved pain is the mettle of character developed. The questions will always remain. They may never be answered. They can never be answered. Maybe, the answers are never in themselves important... just that single glimpse of the absolute of all the absolutes is enough. Nothing else matters. And for this ultimate reward, anything is worth it - including suffering!

Check these verses up in Romans 5: 1-5


Santanu said...
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Santanu said...

Amen Amen so it is Pastor. Once I did not understand this and was irritated at sufferings. But when the real sufferings came as a deluge slowly He made me understand this. Thanks to Him, the Absolute.

friend said...

Good difficult truths. And poetic. Pretty important voice-ings here.