Thursday, June 30, 2011

Being clean

When the heart is clean, and the hands are full of blood, your own blood, your own sacrifices... then there is nothing to fear. No fear of shame, or poverty, or future, or enemies, or accusations, or inimical slander, or betrayals, or politics or even any loss of image. The hands are clean. The sacrifices are complete. It is a peaceful liberation, at a cellular level. The authority of God is in your grace, the power of the Spirit in your bones, the agony of Christ in your heart and the freedom of conscience in your walk.

Walk free. Always.


Pops said...

Can't say it any better dear Pastor!!! The words are as beautiful as the picture...

The joy of living a godly life overflows when the heart is clean and sacrifices are complete..

Thank you for edifying us with your blog!

Lots of love and regards, Pops

Santanu said...

So be it with me Pastor, please pray.

Awesome serene picture. I thought a great image searched out of the web. But then I saw. Its your creation! Awesome again. PTL for this ability He has given you.