Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Journey of Faith

For those few of you who know the events by which I came to New York, you are aware it was a miracle, in evey step. My sister too was surprised, because she knew that I never had a desire to come to the US at any point in time, even though she had invited me many times. Today I was reflecting on Hebrews 11: 8 - 19 These were the heart rending thoughts that moved my heart and I share them with you:
Going by Faith (8):
They say you cant teach an old dog new tricks. But Abraham at 75 years of age had voluntarily displaced himself in obedience to God. Old maps dont work in new lands - so this was not an adventure trip of curious excitement but doing what God said one day at a time. This was truly a leap of faith.
Living by Faith (9-10):
In the 9th verse it says that Abraham lived (like a bedouin) in a tent! But many in the city of Ur had built permanent homes with strong structures. Strangely for hundreds of years, scholars thought Ur was a myhtological city until it was discovered in the 1922 covered under a mound. All those who lived in those permanent structures perished, forgotten and unremembered. But Abraham who lived in tents is still spoken about. Abraham had to learn to live with less and focus on what really matters (10).
Multiplying by faith (11-12)
Today it would not only be a newspaper headline but it would have been splashed over every news channel including Ripley's "Believe it or not." But Abraham had a son at 100 years of age, with a wife who was 90! Is it possible? Thats what Church growth is all about, but instead most simply engage in swiping and hyping? Actually Kingdom growth never occurs when we are merely obssessed with statistics. What kind of statistics can anyone create from a single son of Abraham? What can anyone do with Abraham, or Isaac or Jacob who never possessed any land and yet believed the land was theirs! This is a multiplication by faith. Hey are you ready! This automatically, brings me to the climax of this section -
Persevering by Faith (13 - 16):
So how do we believe in the unseen? How do we persevere when God's promises are not yet realized? This was written on the wall of a Concentration Camp -
I believe in the Sun
Even when its not shining
I believe in love
Even when I feel it not
I believe in God
Even when he is absent.
Giving by faith (17 - 19):
So far how many people do you know who surrendered what they love to God? How much does your giving cost you? Daivid said to Araunah in II Samuel 24: 24 "I will not sacrifice to the LORD my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing." Our giving has to cost otherwise our love is just superficial.


Dipannita said...

i duno y u lukin healthier in dis pic, hav u really put on weight, dats gud neways.

Jacob & Neena said...

Hey Pastor Noel....u r rocking in that pic...enjoy your time....praying for you..jacob and neena

The Cross said...

Thats a great thought on faith. Stay blessed