Saturday, September 5, 2009

Getting pampered

Strangely, from day one, I never experienced the jet-lag. Maybe because during the entire flight I didn't sleep but watched 5 movies in tandem. Maybe after reaching NY I went to bed only at the regular time. But the prime reason I think, is that during the day I engaged in lot of activity outside giving my body maximum exposure to sunlight. Since light controls all circadian rhythms. But above all, I think God's mercy was on me physically, metabolically and biochemically!

My sister's home is in the suburbs of New York. The place is really beautiful. Lots of greenery, clean roads, beautiful skies and fresh air.

Yesterday, for dinner, I made slabs of Salmon and Catfish glazed with a brown sauce made with honey, garlic and soya. This was supplemented with Broccoli, cauliflower and capsicum dressed with a chessy white sauce. And for a simple dessert just plain seedless grapes. Technically, this is a high fibre, high protein & a high vitamin and mineral meal. Everything was made in Olive oil.

Thats me and Jovita having morning breakfast on the deck, behind the house.

I also purchased two Diatonic Blues Harps in scales D and E, and one Chromatic Harmonica in scale C. This is for all my windy experimentation!


Peter said...

Great- have a wonderful time - fun, food and fellowship.Tell the Americans to build some public loo's or things will become public. Pallies

God's Own DNA said...

Actually, you're right. But more so than giving yourself enough sunlight (which also is a factor), its the fact that you didn't sleep on the flight and that you have a pretty good personal day-night cycle. There is this molecule called Melanopsin in a group of cells in the retina of the eye which is the fundamental regulator of circadian rhythm. Change in normal melanopsin regulation leads to jet-lag.

Anyways, enough of the science talk. Nice pics!

Aaron (Bubblu)

Annu's Diary said...

How could a menu be so exotic and healthy at the same time!! You sound like you've been cooking such cuisines all your life, and that the beef ularthu and paavakka thoren are greek and latin to you.
You've adapted like a fish to water. Good for you, pastor!!
Wrote this comment also to say thanks for taking the trouble to stay connected.

vinoj matthew said...

Dear Pastor Know All,

You seem to have a nice time and may you savor it while it lasts in New York.

The pics are nice and keep posting more of it.

Its a nice way to stay connected to you this way or else we would get to know only after your return to India.

Big Thank You for the effort taken to stay in touch.


Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor,

Frankly while begining to read "The Dumb Question" blog, thinking ahead about the technicalities and reading from a pre-judgmental and critical view point, I just thought of swallowing it without digesting but then slowed down and went about with patience. Finally got to the point. Here I was looking to find a link in the blogs, about the evidence of creation, but what a link!!!! I found. Ah! You see, if we as an individual, really are to be a salt and light, in the serious Kingdom connection, then The Church - Body of Christ needs to be delivered (includes me also) totally from the micro to the macro level of apathy, of excuse of not receiving an absolute understanding, of a critical and jugdemental state and of just having a relative reference of everything;

Enjoyed your trip to US. Oh! the pics are having greater clarity with every bit of blogs. The whole step by step journey of faith encouraged me, practically the link between the trip of a man of God to a country and a pilgrims' from time to eternity.

Again when I was going thru about your jet-lag experince and reading the text "Since light controls all circadian rhythms" in the context, I just laughed, delightly telling!!!!, My Lord!!!!, My God!!!! .....give this man a mighty wind blow of your Spirit and cause him to soak on your lap. He is even analysing his never experiencing jet-lag with his extensive know-how. Oh!!!! that is real fun.

Its God's will for us to have a healthy Kingdom diet. God willing, some day, I would very much like to have the item you prepared in your sister's home. This time I would like to assist you if you permit. Please let me know the ingredients before-hand needed.

In Abba's Spirit of Excellency,