Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Greed Breed Phylogenetics

Tormentors, are more common than mentors. They are the products of an evolutionary jump. These X-men are classified taxonomically as Homo cannibalis. They are stratospheric by ego, and statuspheric in language. Those who hold apex positions have been separately classified into two vigorous species called the Chairmanosaurus rex and the Velociraptor treasurorus. These are essentially septuagenarian and superannuated and cannot leave their chairs they hold. They have a covenant commitment with the chairs they hold called -- "Till-death-do-us-part."
     The males have the Saul-syndrome dominant allele found in the X Chromosome. And in women, who usurp the administrative control of their husbands, this allele produces the Jezebelase enzyme. This was first detected in the DNA analysis of the archaeological remains of an ancient breed of Saluki dogs. It was great puzzle to many of the scientists at that time as to how human DNA could have been found in the intestinal villi of these dogs. But collateral research in the Ancient Near East showed it to be the smashed remains of the wife of Ahab (2 Kings 9: 30 - 37). However, the gene that produces the Jezebelase enzyme is now more prolifically found in the urban zones today. The enzyme gives them superior skills in the science of shift-and-lift and swipe-and-hype (1 Kings 21).
     Now at the end of a dog's day, when you are dog tired it might be easy to say that the world has gone to dogs. But, its refreshing to know that are still processes and counter-currents that aim to make a healing difference. There is the Christian Business Mentor's Connection who work to mentor and bring healthy Biblical values into the marketplace. And then there is also the Mentor-link an organization that aims to provide a mentoring process of accountablity and spiritual growth among christian leaders.
     When they succeed in creating a new generation of leaders then there is sure to be hope. One thing is sure however, you cant teach an old dog new tricks.

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