Wednesday, September 4, 2013


You are not going to believe this remarkable, and seemingly silly, observation. I was in a taxi wending my way home, peeking out of the window and subject to the usual barrage of visual bombardment that is the bane of every Indian city - the cine-posters, the ridiculous adverts, the graffiti, the political slogans and so on. Then just before the Dhakuria bridge, as the taxi waited for the signal to change, I heard a loud and prolonged yell. Yeaaaaaah...! A lean guy and his tall friend with a fat stomach wearing bermudas kept at the yell until they came to the intersection and met their elderly friend. This elderly friend at the intersection had a plastic bag with some purchases. But as they all met, this celebration of meeting was so beautiful. They even inspected what was in the plastic bag, but the ambience of comfort that they had with each other was unusual. For me watching them was a divine moment.

In that simple moment I was transported into a world of beauty. If I felt this deeply for watching a celebration of strangers, how much more must God feel when his people are united in celebrating each other and God! There is power in these experiences. In fact, in Matthew 18:19 Jesus promises, "if two of you agree as touching anything, it will be done by my Father in heaven." So why not claim the inheritance that is promised in these words?

Of course, the experience was not over so easily. When I felt that intimacy with God, by watching unknown folk celebrating I was quietly thanking God for letting me see such beauty. The very next moment my taxi-driver for some unknown reason offered me a litchi-flavoured toffee. I politely refused, but he insisted. Not wanting to hurt him, I accepted his simple gift. I have not seen that taxi-driver again, but I m always praying for him. Hope God will let me celebrate, by helping me meet him again.

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