Friday, December 28, 2012

Getting itched

At the quiet end of 2012, I came out a little wiser and ponderously aware of the new Murphy's laws of itches. So here they are for your moribund and pensive consideration. Take them seriously, because sometimes even scratching can be a matter of life and death, especially with the profusion of mosquito-bites, bug-bites, flea-bites, love-bites and so on. In the end once bitten, always twice mad!

  • You can be sure its a mosquito bite if it itches and you cant find the G-spot
  • The mosquito always bites ingeniously at that spot where no digit of your finger can ever successfully reach
  • It always itches very severely when you are in public, and at a spot where its embarrassing to scratch
  • Scratching where it itches has functional value, scratching where it does not itch is quite frustrating
  • It is quite satisfying to the ego if by scratching a scab comes off
  • The general rule is -- a scratch in time saves nine
  • Scratching is ultimate pleasure if nobody is watching you, it is ultimate torture if anybody is watching you
  • The ultimate psychological revenge is only possible when you toast the mosquito with an electric bat - it gets completely electri-fried!
  • Even the whine of a mosquito near your ear can stimulate automatic itching in unexpected places


deep said...

i simply loved it.......relished it while reading it :)

Mona said...

.... and, "The intensity of the itch is directly proportional to the embarrassment the scratching could bring in public!"

Grace Ida Rajan said...
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Grace Ida Rajan said...

lol :)