Friday, June 1, 2012

The Etiquette of Dysfunction

After traveling around in India and abroad you are bound to come across a home that is magnificient to the eyes but is useless for living.

You come home dead tired and all you want to do is to curl up into bed but you cant, even though the King size bed lies disproportionately in the middle of the room inviting you. You first got to laboriously remove the intricately designed bed-covers. And along with that the variant-sized, matching, decorative pillows and place them gently aside, in any place not assigned for them. This is because when people buy these dysfunctional objects nobody plans on where they should go when the bed itself has to be used. Finally after all of this you got to discover the actual sheets and actual pillows archaeologically before you can actually go to sleep. When you wake up in the morning, you go through the whole rigmarole of tucking them back into their original strata, and wonder what it was all about.

When you sit at the dining table to eat and you are famished, you have to be agonizingly slow and careful with all the cutlery and silverware in order to cut the steak cooked rare which would actually require a chain-saw, but you work on it gently with a blunt table-knife and pop a small portion into your mouth while having meaningless pleasantries with those around, and your stomach keeps gnawing with dissatisfaction. Even eating has become a Talmudic system of dos and donts. At the rate at which etiquette is going, in the future we might end up with having to sop soup with a fork!

So why cant we have a bed in which we can just lie down when we need to, or eat so as to delight and be satisfied? Who knows, in the future there may arise a genre of people who can sleep without a fuss, eat without rules and live without ostentation. And this is exactly what Jesus began, a clue about which we see in Matthew 15 when the disciples ate with disregard to established etiquette. All that the believing community has to do is to get basic.

Its time we got back to the values of the kingdom, and live simple.


Pops said...

He he! Back to basics! Freedom from shackles, knives and quilts

Noel Prabhuraj said...

yes Poppy!

deep said...