Monday, December 5, 2011

Last night in Iowa

The pic above was taken in Huxley, Iowa. I saw this beautiful house near the field and couldn't resist taking a shot. Here is a microcosm of my experiences at the Biblical Institute of Leadership Development in Ames, Iowa:

I woke up early on the last day with fevered imagination
of our time together, observed in rumination --

In the form of limericks, like a golden stash
I have labored in the style of Ogden Nash
To put into poetry, my prosaic trash...

Our favorite guy was David Haila
who never, ever, cursed like a saila'
he took 16 of us
without any fuss
and reached us on time, without a faila

A colleague, from Ghana, was never a bore
there was quite a bit of stuff up in his store
but he was most potent
when he remained silent
and gored us with his penetrating snore

From South Africa came our dear Cheardly
And he was pretty much very unbeardly
he was colorful in dressing
and kept us all guessing
about why he dint join Georgio Armani

And yes, from Kenya we had Dan Huffstuttler
who had the polite decorum of an English butler
He was agile in mind
but his words were always kind
be you a prince, a pauper or a hustler.

From Zambia, we had only one Earnest Masta
back in his country he was a very good Pasta'
His African face
had a cherubic grace
He filled the halls with his resounding lafta.

The best in our group was Stanys Moliki
His words and gestures were animated and froliki
there was love in his heart
right from the start
with his inputs in discussion of high qualiti.

So do keep in touch with this incorrigible bloke
And pray of course for his unforgivable jokes!

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