Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Family I Lived With

While at Ames, Iowa, I was graciously hosted by a very lovely family of Mark and Michaela Roush. I hold them very special to my heart because of the love that each of them showered. So here is a fair description of them in mad rhyme:

I was first welcomed by Michaela Roush
who is Mark's dearest and only spoush
I was never hampered
and always pampered
with 4 kids, 3 cats and 2 dogs in the housh
The petite toddler was the one called Quinn
When she demanded anything it was always to win
Fulfilling her dreams
By unnatural screams
Pray, God's mercy, she did not have a twin.

When Alexander came, the world was hellenized
But in the Roush's world it was simply Kellenized
This amazing bubble
Who had no trouble
In crawling around so melonized

Tanith, the eldest, played with colors and pens
And stuck to me as if I was her mother hen
With pictures and cards
For this pathetic bard
Who was just passing by, like a fluttering wren.

Kale the hale, was the only boy
When I first met him, he was very coy
His favorite Mjolnir
Swung with a whirr
He was the only one with different toys

Michaela, the mom, was beautifully thin
Her jeans were always torn at the shins
Her looks always dazzled
But the kids kept her frazzled
From morning to nite with their incessant whims

Mark, the dad, was placidly cool
Ready as a beaver, with any kind of tool
Patient and kind
And fruitful in mind
Handsome, hunky, ineligible to drool
One of the days I fell terribly ill and so --
I dunno if it was the jet-lag's clamp
To send my stomach into severe cramps
So I bore my cross
And purged the dross
And endured the night like an olympian champ!


Pops said...

This is so hilarious and sweet!

None other than Noel can bring out such treat...

Grace Ida Rajan said...

awesome poem...