Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ten Million Voices

Germans honour their Fatherland. But for me, India is my motherland. Yet it is so sad, that mothers are not allowed to be born. India has crossed the 10 million mark in female infanticide -- within 20 years! So why do we call our country motherland then?

One incident is sharp in my mind. It happened about 15 years back. I had gone to the hospital to visit a friend's wife. She had twins and both were girls. When she was discharged, she went back to her village with her new-borns. Both were healthy. Not long after, one of those babies died. Everyone in the village knows how it happened. Everyone knows who is responsible. But nobody talks about it. It is a common thing in that village. That single incident is harsh to my mind. But then multiply it into 10 million, it is unbearable. It is unacceptable. At least to me. How about you?

It is now time to start thinking, not merely in terms of creating awareness, but in legislations that bring about real change in the social fabric of our country. What will it then take, for female infanticide, to make it to the frontpage of a newspaper?

Look at the staggering statistics in addition:
  • 7 out of 10 fastest rising crimes in India are against women
  • 15% increase in dowry deaths
  • 14% increase in cruelty by husbands & relatives
  • 13% increase in abduction & kidnap of females
  • 12% increase in import of girls
  • 11% increase in sexual harassment against women
  • 6 - 7% increase in rape & molestation
All these statistics are significantly higher than the mere 5% increase in all other cognizable crimes! So what should we do?
  1. Impart education on values & morality
  2. Form Redressal Committees according to the Vishaka Commission within our structures
  3. Advocate legislations with stringent penalties to create safety for women
  4. Pray to God for mercy & healing on this nation


Anonymous said...

Just the picture brings tears in my eyes! Readers of the blog can also look into this article: Beauty Contest/Beauty Theology

Santanu said...

How it hurts God's heart, I wonder??!! I cant forget the image of the little child in the photo. I have one suggestion to add to your list. I am angry and so is God. So here it is:
KICK some ass, ROYALLY. Period.

bds said...

5. Preach the biblical truth about women (and men!) in the churches. (Starting with Genesis 1:26-27.)
6. Hold Christians and especially those in leadership in the Church accountable for obeying God's admonitions in Scripture (for example, Titus 2, Ephesians 5:25ff, Colossians 3:1-21, I Peter 3:7-12)

These statistics you show are, sadly, no different in the church! (Though we may be more skilled at hiding it!) How can we change governments and cultures if we won't allow God to change US?

Noel Prabhuraj said...

Thanks for your heartfelt suggestions bds. But if you see carefully, your point number 5 is already there in my point number 1, and your point number 6 is already there in my point number 3.

The statistics are Indian statistics - which also includes the church. And you are right the change has to begin with us. The Vishaka Commission is now mandatory requirement for all organizations. Yet it has not been implemented in any Christian organization I know of so far! Instead, I have seen in Christian Organization, women themselves as instrument of harrassment to women... whom they should be protecting by law. This blog is simply a voice from the grave.