Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Benihana Experience

I met with an old friend of mine Joe Prabhakar, who is a drummer and who interfaces with folk like A. R. Rehman, Sivamani, Uma Thurman etc. Today we managed to find some time for each other and met in Manhattan. He took me out for lunch at Benihana. They have many branches and an unusual history, you can find all that info on Wikipedia. However, the place that we went to was the first one which started in 1964 and had among its early celebrities Muhammad Ali and the Beatles.

Each table has its own hotplate in the centre, and the diners can order whatever they want. The cook cuts the meats and vegetables right in front with jugglery and jesting, cooks and serves you. Excellent food, fun and service. The pic above shows how it all happens. And the photo below shows me and Joe together enjoying the meal. I m seeing Joe after 25 years. Never thought I'd be meeting him. He is absolutely without any airs. Frank, fresh and loving. And a great joy spending time with him.

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