Friday, December 30, 2016

Coram Deo

Coram Deo is a phrase, that crystallizes the renaissance period into a microcosm. Literally, it means the "Presence of God" but what it implies is to implement the perfection of God's character into all activity and inactivity. It means living in the presence of God, under the authority of God and to the Glory of God. But how does this shape up for a Christian bombarded with political correctness, deluged by a flood of lust in media, driven by the greed of the prosperity gospel, addicted to the unlimited online freedom and battling the cannibalism in the work environment?

In Isaiah chapter 6, the prophet is suddenly thrown into the presence of God. And reflecting on that passage, these are the spin-offs that jolted my mind:
  1. If we want God's presence in the place we live then that place should be devoid of any defilement. Cleanliness is not merely next to Godliness, it invites God's presence. There should be no physical uncleanliness and no unhygenic trash. And do not blame your indiscipline on lack of time or that you cant help it because its in your nature. Make sure your shoes and socks dont smell. There should be no moral, mental, environmental, domestic or spiritual contamination especially when it is in your power to stay and keep clean. Reflect through Leviticus 16 to understand the implications of cleanliness.
  2. If we want the presence of God, then everything we do, make, write, create etc should carry that mark of quality that epitomizes the character of God.
  3. If we want the presence of God, then our mind, heart, motivations and intentions must be kept unpolluted by everyday (even every moment) retrospection, washing in the Spirit and surrender to God.
  4. If we want the presence of God, then we must ferociously discipline our online behaviour in the frequency, duration and intensity at social media and questionable sites.
  5. If we want the presence of God, then we must be prepared for the terror of being confronted with absolutes of all absolutes (Isa 6), and without this we may never comprehend what it means to be in his presence or what it cost God to make this possible.
New Year, is just around the corner. If we want our time on earth to be fruitful, then we must practice Coram Deo in its fullest implications. Happy New Year to you all. May 2017 be a blessing from God, a blessing to you and a blessing to others.

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