Friday, November 14, 2014

Prodigal's Prayer

Forgive me O Lord,
I know that I have not suffered enough
for all my sins against you and the others.
Yet Lord, if I suffered for all of them,
I would not survive.

The burden of my disobedience,
which I have foolishly justified
in doing, bears heavily on me.
It saps my will, my hope, my strength
and even sometimes my sanity.

I have nowhere to go,
but to the one whom I have
offended the most.
So I come to you
without any grain of merit,
even to whisper a prayer.
But the longing is keen
in my soul.

So have mercy on me.
I know I cannot deserve mercy,
yet Lord, I ask because
it is in your character
to be merciful.
I cling, because a humble
and contrite spirit you will
in no wise cast out.

Let me feel again, the refreshing
showers of mercy to quench
the thirst in my parched soul.
Cover me with your favour
and let your protection blanket me;
let every word that I speak
be only those that the Spirit unctions.
And Master, King, Creator
and my beloved redeemer
hold my hand forever.
For I do not have the strength
or the wisdom to hold yours.
Let every thought of my mind
be in constant surrender to you.

In Jesus Christ my Lord.

1 comment:

Dora Mawrie said...

Very True Pastor!!! I like the prodigal son's prayer a lot.