Wednesday, July 16, 2014


A blood-curse is a voluntary invitation of judgment. It always arises from the arrogance and violence of assumed righteousness. It precipitates into injury on the innocent. It is visible in the lament of Jesus over the blood of prophets (Matt 23: 37). It is cacaphonic in the cry of the persecuted (Rev 6: 9).

A classical example would be the trial of Jesus before Pilate. Pilate's wife tells him, "leave that innocent man alone. I suffered a terrible nightmare about him last night" (Matt 26: 19 NLT). Further into the trial when Pilate fails to mollify the rancid Jewish stampede he capitulates and remarks, "I am innocent of this man's blood. The responsibility is yours" (Matt 26: 24 NLT). The Jewish Sanhedrin, priests and people roar, "His blood be on us and our children" (Mat 26: 25 KJV). It is a blood-curse: a self-invitation of judgment. And the pogroms in history testify how many times it happened, from nation to nation.

A blood-curse happens when in self-righteousness, unjustified anger, vicious vengeance and warped morality we hedge an innocent person. We hound him. We leave him desolate (Jer 20: 1-2), when he was God-sent to heal and transform. It happens, when you reiterate your wrong as right and rabidly silence the innocent person.

A blood-curse is dangerous because it travels through generations. Never engage in a blood-curse.

There is, however, one possible way to overcome a blood-curse. One possible way to overcome the unnecessary bloodshed of the innocent. Read through 2 Samuel 21.

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