Friday, April 13, 2012

The Late Great Date of Human Fate after Windows XP & Office 2003 have gone

I am now a little sad with Microsoft stopping support for Windows XP and MS Office 2003 on 8th April 2014. I m even sadder, with losing support for Office 2003. The level of control in office 2003 is still far superior to its latest glamorized versions with their work-space crowding ribbon panels!

I use office 2003 on my desktop and an office 2010 on my laptop, but I still have to get back to my desktop in order to perform certain functions on for my PowerPoint lectures! The office 2010 has a reduced functionality, and complex mechanisms, in preparing design. What would take me just a single click in Office 2003, now requires several windows and tabs in Office 2010! Talk about being user-friendly!

Windows 98 SE and after that the Windows XP have been my favorite OSes. It was a real handicap - in life after DOS. Both in XP and Windows 7, there is no way to boot from a CD before the OS in DOS mode, and execute a deltree/y command to remove that pestiferous and locked malware directory that has occupied the space surreptitiously and refuses to get deleted any other way.

I don't know why Microsoft, when they have something really good going on, wont let it stay!

The pie-chart above, taken from Quick Heal's blog, should be a prophetic clarion call to Microsoft. It shows the use of different Operating Systems. 82% of desktop users work on Windows platforms, of which a huge chunk of 63% are the Windows XP users! What makes Microsoft so sure that this large group will migrate to Windows 7 or even Windows 8? Some might, but would all?

What Microsoft needs to find out is -
  • Why are techies still prefering Windows XP over Vista and 7
  • Why is Vista the most hated OS by techies
  • Why do people still prefer Office 2003
  • Why user-friendliness means that succeeding OSes and Applications should not have steeper learning curves!
If Microsoft does this then they will have a market-driven and a market loved OS and Office. If not as prophesied we will have to wait, for the late great date of human fate when the good ones have been raptured and the bad ones are left behind.

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