Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Picture Perfect

So much for all the hullabaloo about thorns! For no thorn ever succeeded in preventing the rose from adorning our vases, bouquets or even garlands! Which woman is not overwhelmed by the gift of a single rose? Its the power of such pristine and unblemished beauty that nothing mars its grandeur. Surprisingly, the thorns add to its photogenic glamour. Without the thorns it would not be picture perfect. That is why the rose, is a rose, is a rose!

Then why is there this negative talk about "no rose without a thorn"? Its the rose, its the serrated leaves, its the thorns, its that unmistakable aura of perfume - all of it that combine into a symbol of perfect perfection!

All that God created is good. So, next time you look at your spouse - don't look at the details, look at how everything combines into perfection. And of course... give a gift of rose today, emblemize your love. Remember, nobody is too old for it. Let your children know, how much you love each other. For the best security you can give your children is to love each other.

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Proshanto Baroi said...

This is lovely piece of your wisdom. 'Let the children know , how much you love each other.' Often, Christendom has seen great leaders but broken families, because, we have not shown our children how much 'mom and dad love each other' but have driven them to the saviour of Love with love being present in us.

May we have loving, showing love, receiving love,learning love and ultimately loving the most loveable, Jesus Christ'.