Sunday, September 13, 2009

David & Goliath are friends

Saturday was the last meeting I had to go to. It was the Global Urban Ministries Network - A brainstorming session. Here in the photos are Steve Thrall from Paris in the left pic. The photo below is with Tom White. The base of operations for this is NOBS, which means No Office, no Budget, no Staff.

Some things that touched a deep chord in my heart during the brainstorming, as we were configuring the undergirding values to connect cities globally were -
  • We are committed to each other's best interests, both the individuals and the ministries in the Network. Whether we weep or rejoice, we weep or rejoice together.
  • We give away anonymously whatever we bring to the table, not worrying about ministry labels or brand identity.
  • And Viju Abraham, as he was introducing the need for networks said, "A mango tree produces less mangoes when alone, and more mangoes when its in an orchard. The reason behind this is the cross-fertilization. We all, somehow, need each other. And we do better when we connect."
This kind of a paradigm is so attractive. And I hope it will really happen. Life has shown me that there is always a great gulf between forming ideals and actually practicing it. So what is to be done, become cynical? No, it is a beautiful cast to shape myself into the image that God wants me to be. Trust in the Lord and do good. If we trusted in people we could never do good. It doesn' matter if people or leaders turn out to be hypocrites, but it does matter if I m one or not. As Tim Keller said, "I can never be assured of someone else's salvation. I can only be assured of my own." God is judge, and I must simply obey his promptings. What abt you? Would you also like to follow?

He who strums the harp with his heart,
Can even move the blind to tears.

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