Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Orchard Park Presbyterian Church

On Sunday, I joined Dr Pon Samuel's family at their Orchard Park Presbyterian Church. The thing that struck me here at this place was the profuse warmth of the Church Pastors and the all the members in welcoming a visitor and in making me feel comfortable. I enjoyed the worship and the manner it was led by the worship team. Especially the pianist, she was too good and very immersive in the way she led the worship time. There was also a baptism that Sunday, and I loved the way minister led it. It was a prefect blend of the liturgy and liberty. Dr Gary Seigler, the senior minister, brought the word that morning and it was a very penetrating and enriching sermon. He spoke on the 3 reasons why people dont give to the Church.

Above is a pic of Dr Pon Samuel's family inside the Church. And below is a candid shot of Victor (Pon's son) as he just coming of school. And below that is Aster (his sister).

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